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National Building Typologies

Starting from the common TABULA concept the project partners developed national building typologies representing the residential building stock of their countries. The typologies consist of the following elements:

  • a  classification concept for existing residential buildings according to age, size and further parameters,
  • a set of example buildings which represent specific building types of the national stocks,
  • typical energy consumption values for the example buildings,
  • showcase calculations of the possible energy savings,
  • statistical data for buildings and supply systems.


This information is available in the following form:

  • Country Pages
    These webpages are giving an overview of the typology and the statistics, including detailed brochures in the respective languages.

  • TABULA WebTool
    This web based tool provides access to the respective building data and enables an online calculation of typical values of the energy consumption.


Explore the Typologies

Direct access to the information pages and the online calculation for the different national building typologies:

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