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Resources of Development

Consecutive Projects co-funded by the
Intelligent Energy Europe Programme (IEE)

IEE Project DATAMINE (2006 - 2008)

"Collecting DATA from Energy Certification
to Monitor Performance Indicators for New and Existing Buildings"

The idea of the DATAMINE project was to improve the knowledge about the energy performance of the building stockĀ’ by use of the at that time newly introduced energy performance certificates (EPC). The 12 project partners from 12 European countries agreed on a set of quantities which they recommended to be used for establishing of EPC databases in European countries. Model projects were implemented in all participating countries in which data collection and evaluation of EPC data was realised. The partners transferred the collected national EPC datasets into a common database by use of commonly defined data fields. The collected 19,000 datasets from different countries were finally analysed and compared. For different age and size groups "average buildings" were defined which are representative for the respective sample subsets.

Detailed information about the harmonised DATAMINE data structure and the evaluation results are available at: .

IEE Project TABULA (2009 - 2012)

"Typology Approach for Building Stock Energy Assessment"

Based on the common DATAMINE data structure and the experiences of typological classification the TABULA project was launched in 2009. The idea was to make an agreed systematic approach to classify building stocks according to their energy related properties. 

A description of the project results and a list of the participants can be found at the page "IEE Project TABULA". The contents developed during the project form the basis of the area "Building Typology" of this website. During the below mentioned EPISCOPE project the typology approach is currently being extended towards further countries and to the aspect of newly built homes. 

IEE Project EPISCOPE (2013 - 2016)

Energy Performance Indicator Tracking Schemes
for the Continuous Optimisation of Refurbishment Processes
in European Housing Stocks

EPISCOPE takes building typologies defined according to the TABULA approach as a basis for building stock monitoring activities. The main objective is to track the progress of energy performance of building entireties with regard to energy saving and climate protection targets in order to trigger enhanced or corrective actions by the involved key actors (politicians, stakeholders, building owners, ...).

More information about the project objectives is available at the page "IEE project EPISCOPE". The developed concepts and results will be displayed in the area "Building Stock Monitoring" of this Website.