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Earlier Concepts - Residential Building Typologies

Various approaches for typological assessment of the energy performance are existing in the European countries. In the following some examples are displayed showing the definition of building types as well of construction and supply system catalogues. Most of these concepts have been applied in the field of energy advice. Some of them are also used for building stock modelling. Also the design of energy performance certificate procedures can be improved by typological aspects which allow simplifications of data acquisition: Instead of the investigation of a large number of building details (e.g. thicknesses and materials of construction layers, lengths and insulation of heat pipes) global values are used which represent typical cases.

Please consider the TABULA Synthesis Report for more information about the displayed examples.

Example from Slovenia: Building Typology + Representatives + Frequencies

Residential buildings typology according to architectural criteria
Source: Šijanec Zavrl, M et al.: Energetska sanacija obstoječih stanovanjskih zgradb - I. in II. del; 1993

Representatives of each building types (extraction)

Source: see above

Building frequencies according to the typology
Source: see above

Example from the Netherlands: Building Typology consisting of 27 Example Buildings

Brochure with the 27 example buildings for the Netherlands
Source: Voorbeeldwoningen estaande bouw; SenterNovem 2007

Subdivision of the 27 example buildings according to dwelling type and building period 
Source: see above

Example from France: Type Cases of “Representative” Housing

First page: description of thermal envelope and supply system

Second page: Envelope areas + U-values + ground plan

Example from Poland: Building Categories + Construction Types + Frequencies

Building categories versus year of construction and location

Related construction features (typical U-calues)

Related statistics

Example from Germany: Building Typology

“Building Type Matrix” - Building Stock divided by Age and Size Classes, example from Germany
Source: German Building Typology; IWU Darmstadt 2003 

Constructive Element Types - Examples

Example from Ireland: Construction Typology for Energy Performance Certificates

Default U-values for different building age bands 
Source: Dwelling Energy Assessment Procedure DEAP, Appendix S

Example from Spain: Constructive Elements Catalogue for Building Renovation

Systematic catalogue of constructive elements used in the past. It arises as a tool to help engineers to deal with building renovations in order to propose actions to improve existing buildings. 
Source: The Valencian Institute of Building / Institut Valencia de L’Edificacio or IVE

Examples from Germany: Catalogue of Constructive Elements + Default U-values for Energy Performance Certificates

Catalogue of existing wall types , example from Germany
Source: Simplified Energy Profile Procedure / IWU 2005

Derived default U-values for different building age bands as an official basis for Energy Performance Certificates 
Source: German Energy Saving Ordinance EnEV 2009 / official notification,templateId=raw,property=publicationFile.pdf/DL2_WG_Datenaufnahme_Wohngebaeudebestand.pdf

Supply System Types – Examples

Example from Italy: Heating System Types

Heat distribution sub-system types 
Source: UNI/TS 11300 – part 2

Example from Luxembourg: Tabled energy performance values of typical supply system components

Expenditure coefficients of heat generators for different installation year periods
Source: Règlement grand-ducal du 30 novembre 2007 concernant la performance énergétique des bâtiments d’habitation, 2007

Example from Germany : Tabled energy performance values of typical supply system components

Sub-Typology “Supply Systems / Heat Generators” 
Source: Simplified Energy Profile Procedure / IWU 2005 

Please consider the TABULA Synthesis Report for more information about the displayed examples.