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Special Issue Energy and Buildings

Results from the EPISCOPE project were published in a special issue of the journal Energy and Buildings:

Energy and Buildings
Volume 132, Pages 1-154 (15 November 2016)
Towards an energy efficient European housing stock: monitoring, mapping and modelling retrofitting processes
Edited by Henk Visscher, Elena Dascalaki and Igor Sartori

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Towards an energy efficient European housing stock: Monitoring, mapping and modelling retrofitting processes: Special issue of Energy and Buildings
Pages 1-3
Henk Visscher, Igor Sartori, Elena Dascalaki
TABULA building typologies in 20 European countries—Making energy-related features of residential building stocks comparable Original Research Article
Pages 4-12
Tobias Loga, Britta Stein, Nikolaus Diefenbach
Dynamic building stock modelling: General algorithm and exemplification for Norway Original Research Article Open Access
Pages 13-25
Igor Sartori, Nina Holck Sandberg, Helge Brattebø
  Open Access
Dynamic building stock modelling: Application to 11 European countries to support the energy efficiency and retrofit ambitions of the EU Original Research Article Open Access
Pages 26-38
Nina Holck Sandberg, Igor Sartori, Oliver Heidrich, Richard Dawson, Elena Dascalaki, Stella Dimitriou, Tomáš Vimm-r, Faidra Filippidou, Gašper Stegnar, Marjana Šijanec Zavrl, Helge Brattebø
  Open Access
Building stock characteristics and energy performance of residential buildings in Eastern-European countries Original Research Article
Pages 39-52
Tamás Csoknyai, Sára Hrabovszky-Horváth, Zdravko Georgiev, Milica Jovanovic-Popovic, Bojana Stankovic, Otto Villatoro, Gábor Szendrő
Reaching the climate protection targets for the heat supply of the German residential building stock: How and how fast? Original Research Article
Pages 53-73
Nikolaus Diefenbach, Tobias Loga, Britta Stein

Modeling energy refurbishment scenarios for the Hellenic residential building stock towards the 2020 & 2030 targets Original Research Article
Pages 74-90
Elena G. Dascalaki, Constantinos A. Balaras, Simon Kontoyiannidis, Kalliopi G. Droutsa

Refurbishment trends of the residential building stock: Analysis of a regional pilot case in Italy Original Research Article
Pages 91-106
Vincenzo Corrado, Ilaria Ballarini
Energy efficiency measures implemented in the Dutch non-profit housing sector Original Research Article
Pages 107-116
Faidra Filippidou, Nico Nieboer, Henk Visscher
Strategy for the energy renovation of the housing stock in Comunitat Valenciana (Spain) Original Research Article
Pages 117-129
Begoña Serrano-Lanzarote, Leticia Ortega-Madrigal, Alejandra García-Prieto-Ruiz, Laura Soto-Francés, Victor-Manuel Soto-Francés
Towards European targets by monitoring the energy profile of the Cyprus housing stock Original Research Article
Pages 130-140
D.K. Serghides, S. Dimitriou, M.C. Katafygiotou
Explaining the historical energy use in dwelling stocks with a segmented dynamic model: Case study of Norway 1960–2015 Original Research Article
Open Access
Pages 141-153
Nina Holck Sandberg, Igor Sartori, Magnus I. Vestrum, Helge Brattebø
  Open Access