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Earlier Concepts - Energy Advice Applications

Demonstration of the Effect of typical Refurbishment Measures

The basic form of a national building typology is a set of example buildings which is used to demonstrate the possible energy savings by applying refurbishment measures.

The pre-calculated examples are disseminated by brochures or by online information platforms. The primary target groups are house owners. Referring to the appearance and the details of an actual existing building proves the feasibility of the measures and creates the necessary confidence.

The “Showcase Examples” can also be used in energy advice or energy certificate software as pre-defined datasets in order to show typical energy savings without entering all the input data necessary for issuing an energy performance certificate. The availability of the same set of buildings in software applications also allows an easy comparison of the software features by the users.

Apart from the field of common information the showcase examples can also be used by key actors to present the impact of policies and measures in an illustrative manner.

Please consider the TABULA Synthesis Report for more information about the displayed examples and further experiences in this field.

Usage for Information of Private House Owners

Example from Greece: Showcase Buildings

Assessment of a typical residential building, example from Greece
Source: IEE project EPA-ED, Hellenic Pilot Study, National report, June 2004

Example from the Netherlands: Showcase Buildings

Assessment of a typical residential building, example from the NetherlandsSource: Voorbeeldwoningen estaande bouw; SenterNovem 2007

Examples from Germany: Showcase Buildings (Brochure + Energy Advice Software)

Assessment of a typical residential buildingleft page: usual state of this type of building before modernisation
right page: modernisation measures and state afterwards
Source: Bavarian Building Typology; IWU 2006

Building Typology in an energy advice software

Source: EPC Software Bially

Usage by Housing Companies

For a housing company the Building Typology is an appropriate instrument for the assessment of the energy performance of the building portfolio. It offers the possibility to determine the following information for the building types and project it to the whole stock or to subsets of the stock:

  • overview of energy costs
  • state of already performed refurbishments
  • calculation of the energy use for heating and hot water
  • monitoring of the measured energy consumption and the energy costs for tenants
  • assessment of different strategies for the improvement of the energy performance, estimation of refurbishment costs, effects on future energy costs and rents.



Examples from the IEE project ESAM: Germany, Czech Republic, Estonia

Building type overview of a housing company, example from Germany
Source: IEE project ESAM /

Single building overview / refurbishment measures for a specific building type of a housing company, example from the Czech Republic

Source: IEE project ESAM /

Single building overview for a building type of a housing company, example from Estonia

Source: IEE project ESAM /